Four Great Mysteries

  1. The Holy Grail. Is it real or not, and did Dan Brown get it right with the Homicidal Albino Monks and some funny ideas about Consanguinity?
  2. Is there life on other planets? Not so much a search for little green men. Even a common cold would met the criteria. Bugs are like that.
  3. Why do Gender Studies Professors ignore the existence of the film Rape Culture: Filmed 1974, released January 1975. Is it because it has nothing to do with the subject of Rape Culture? Or do these supposed Professors have issues with Black Men that can’t be reconciled with none racism polices in any Academic Institution in the USA?

Close your eyes if you are squeamish – here’s some video of black men in prison (Prisoners Against Rape Inc) working with the DC Rape Crisis Centre run by Black Women – and they are talking about rape and how to stop it. I hope it’s not fear of Black Women that’s the issue, cos that would not just be racist but sexists too!

The Film Denied To Exist By White Feminists #RadFem2013

I have always wondered why Prisoners Against Rape Inc got shut down after this film was released? Was it becasue it frightened the US Government who knew all about Prison Rape and did Nothing?

Why is the evidence submitted by William Fuller of Prisoners Against Rape Inc to Congress Missing from all the records?

JANUARY 10, 11, 12, 1978


Does anyone have any ideas of the evidence William Fuller, Founder of Prisoners Against Rape Inc (1973), was giving to Congress as a prisoner Of Lorton Reformatory, Virginia?


And,  more to the point,


4. Why is it the only thing missing from the Congressional hearings record?


Just wondering!

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Zack Rosenberg tells His 4 year old son that he is a rapist. Why? Because he loves Ruby Slippers and can’t get enough of them!

AnimalFarm 1stEdI have been horrified by the actions of Zack Rosenberg, writing for the Good Men Project(sic), telling his 4 year old son that he is a rapist.

To many, that Rosenberg’s behaviour is just lunacy and dangerous, but people just can’t grasp how Rosenberg could have ended up thinking it was fine and dandy. Believe me he does think it’s find and dandy. In his mind set, he has done no wrong. People just wonder how someone can end up thinking like Rosenberg? In reality it is far, far easier than people realize.

Read More

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The Heffalump Conjecture

The Heffalump Conjecture

Heffalump Conjecture – Politicians, independent of ideology, in the presence of multiple verified facts and one Woozle will seek to fund Woozle related activity where either Woozle or funded activity emotively leads to increased votes and tenure in office.

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Photos For Fun 5

Every Time Feminist Calls Another Woman Bitch - A Patriarch Gets His Wings

Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets His Wings Continue reading

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Photos For Fun 4

Rap Wrap Rape - I Don't Do Typo Culture Arrest Him Continue reading

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Photos For Fun 2

Yes Ladies "MRA" Is A "Thought-Terminating Cliché". Don't Think. Just Use It!

Thought-terminating cliché

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Photos For Fun 3

Stop Mansplaining The Map To Me, I Understand Directions. Men Can Be Left But Never Right

Know Your Meme - 21 May 2008 3.06 pm UTC - member phosfate

 Mansplaining – Know Your Meme

Continue reading

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BadMeme – Not Bad Men

Put Rape And Culture side by side - There you have it - Badmeme - not bad men

Put Rape And Culture side by side – There you have it – Badmeme – not bad men

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Dear Prof Fuckwit, Try “Google For Dummies”! Any Idea Why The Evidence Is Missing?

I am told Rape Culture, the film, is a fiction, because Some folks had not heard of it until I mentioned it via some web sites … and they have issues with Google and don’t believe me.

Google For Dummies, John Wiley & Sons, 26 Sep 2003 - 360 pages

Well, I’m not sure if it’s one of the weirdest compliments I have ever had, and if I should be offended by it, or maybe I should just assume that some people are just total Fuck Wits and live in Fuck Witville.

It’s quite amazing to receive a message asking why I am publishing material that simply can’t exist – and how I have managed to create it all. Oh and could I please stop! So this person seems to think I’m some master internet forger who has the capacity to hack anywhere and inset fictional net content for fun?

When I queried further I was told that the writer had not been able to find sources they can read or access via Google, so It can’t exist. This was their supposed proof of my master forgery and cyber criminal mind!

I did wonder if it was some form of weird epistemological practical joke, until the person writing explained who they were and why they were writing.  Continue reading

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Oh, I’ve forgotten to tell you about Prisoners Against Rape.

It’s Funny How Many African American’s Get Air Brushed Out Of History, And Just How Many Are Willing To Collude With Racism!

Rape Culture the Movie, Filmed 1974, Release 1975 – Cambridge Documentary Films.

Extract from an Interview with Loretta Ross.

ROSS: And then — oh, I’ve forgotten to tell you about Prisoners Against Rape. One of the more interesting things that happened when I was at the Rape Crisis Center is that we got contacted by a group of black men who were prisoners at Lorton Reformatory. This kind of was one of the ways that Yulanda got engaged. This guy named William Fuller wrote us. William was a guy who was in prison for rape and murder. He’d been incarcerated for 15 years about that time, and he wrote this oh so moving letter, saying that while I was on the outside, I raped women. Now on the inside, I rape men. I want to stop raping. Can you help me? That’s the essence of his letter. We went, Ah, ssshhh — talk about causing a controversy. Continue reading

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