How did it get that way?

Response to those asking questions.

So often when we talk about rape culture, it turns into an us-versus-them mentality, pitting women against men.

How did it get that way?

It’s called Propaganda and Politics – people factoid bombing to empower themselves and deny any other reality.

It’s why It keeps proving impossible to have rational and even structured debate because some are still in battle mode and waving the big Propaganda Flags …. which they can’t put down due to embarrassment and that Shame Thing! The cult mentalities that have been created and driven are clear to see, but as with all such mindsets they have to collapse and die of their own accord. Just Look At Happy Valley. It’s no different. I would mention religions too, but that is seen as naughty by so many.

At least during this years annual rape season (10 2012 – 12 2012) we are being spared the constant links to that bastion of accuracy(GROSS IRONY) called Wikipedia – and so many are thrashing about looking for any Justification and Academic Claims…. and can’t find them. So we have people inventing their own definitions to fit their world.

last years season was marked by the constant linkage of claim to spurious and unsubstantiated references, and this year that pattern of faux academic justification is noted to be absent, or operating only at the very basest of levels.

It’s odd looking and watching paradigm shifts – “a radical change in underlying beliefs or theory” – The meme came was adopted and is now in it’s death throws, and that is why so many are violently defending it – or rather defending their past participation in politics and propaganda that is so last millennium.

It’s even more bizzare as you watch individuals attempt to enforce or rebut a paradigm shift by using concepts that have no defined origins, no clear meaning or concept, are only assumed to be understood, that no academic in allied fields will use the term or reference upon it, legal authorities, governments and even the United Nations will not us it – NGO’s operating globally in the filed will not use it and the only people using it are the one’s who keep demanding it is reality.

Just as last year I couldn’t get anyone to say where the “Rape Culture” meme came from (The levels of Ignorance were staggering), I keep asking why October – November- December is the season to do rape all over the net? Last year I found the trail right back to Lorton Prison and DC Rape Crisis Centre. I’m still staggered at how the work started in 1973 by black American men and women got pushed aside and even dismissed as soon as white middle class American Women got the chance to appear on Camera … with some having to be banned from Lorton Reformatory due to their sexualised conduct to male prisoners who were discussing and acting on the subject of Prison Rape. It’s shocking what you find when you actually look and ignore the Propaganda and Politics.

This year – I have seen one reference that is being pursued quite urgently, as it identified that in many High Schools, Colleges and Higher Educational Settings Rape is used as a central topic and teaching focus around such subjects as Sociology, Psychology and media with students being left unaided and unguided in research and writing around the subject. It is an alarming issue raised by concerned comments and has been linked to patterns of behaviour with automatic male stigmatization and negative stereotyping following in educational establishments funded by tax dollars. It could even explain why male students are failing with them being propagandised in the classroom to self identify as rapist and negative in all ways.

You go back and plot out frequencies of language and subject by week over 10 years plus, and there it is lurking in the data and Graphs – the annual US Rape Season? Why is it there and why has it’s presence on the Net been growing year on year for over a decade? Note the Net is still new technology and media, so the presence of the Annual Rape Season in older media systems is not apparent from deep net searches.

Why is it there? What if the Driver? Why is it only the USA and not other English Speaking Countries, except Canada where there is a direct physical overspill of people and culture?

Why is it all so US centric? If it was Global it could be seen as Normal, but the very specific locus as the USA means it has to have a US Cultural Driver which coincides with October through December, and that seems to fit with Educational seasons.

“In the United States the belief that representations of violence reproduce real violence was reinforced in the 1980s and 1990s by an intensified debate of prominent cases of rape, date rape, and sexual harassment within the media. This prominence of rape and sexual violence in popular culture seemed to suggest that American culture is a “rape culture.” However, the term rape culture misleadingly hints that rape occurs more frequently in a culture that talks about rape intensively than in cultures that deny its existence. Instead of documenting the state of real rape, though, the deployment of rape in American popular culture bespeaks the status of rape as a central trope within the American cultural imagination.”

Encyclopaedia Of Rape – Edited by Merril D. Smith, Greenwood Publishing Group, 2004 – Page 150 SABINE SIELKE”

What is it that people outside of the US are seeing as a Cultural Media Trope which the people trapped inside the trope just aint able to see?

It’s terrible watching people being made to Blindly Skip Trope – and you can’t have a conversation if error and mistake can’t be raised …. and just get covered up out of embarrassment and shame.

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