Dear Prof Fuckwit, Try “Google For Dummies”! Any Idea Why The Evidence Is Missing?

I am told Rape Culture, the film, is a fiction, because Some folks had not heard of it until I mentioned it via some web sites … and they have issues with Google and don’t believe me.

Google For Dummies, John Wiley & Sons, 26 Sep 2003 - 360 pages

Well, I’m not sure if it’s one of the weirdest compliments I have ever had, and if I should be offended by it, or maybe I should just assume that some people are just total Fuck Wits and live in Fuck Witville.

It’s quite amazing to receive a message asking why I am publishing material that simply can’t exist – and how I have managed to create it all. Oh and could I please stop! So this person seems to think I’m some master internet forger who has the capacity to hack anywhere and inset fictional net content for fun?

When I queried further I was told that the writer had not been able to find sources they can read or access via Google, so It can’t exist. This was their supposed proof of my master forgery and cyber criminal mind!

I did wonder if it was some form of weird epistemological practical joke, until the person writing explained who they were and why they were writing. 

Some may think my tone will be abrasive becasue it will be assumed that I have been contacted by some poor deluded 13 years old proto feminist female. I’m sorry to highlight the levels of stereotyping and bias you have, because It turned out that I was communicating with a 40 something, college lecturing male teaching Media with a strong side class in History and Gender Studies. It seems he has been upset for some time.

I also do have to point out to Prof Fuckwit that it’s really not a good idea to use your college email address to write truly stupid things. Not only does it make it extremely easy to verify who you are, it’s possible to find out easily what students think of you, and worst of all there is now a record in the servers that you did it and truly are a Fuckwit. Your bosses can find out and wonder why you have tenure.

And the reason for Prof Fuckwit writing in the first place. You see, one of his students has been doing some home work, and in class has been so very impertinent that when “rape culture” has been raised and Prof Fuckwit has fudged the issue of where it came from and what it means, well Prof Fuckwit has been obliged to first admit he’s not sure and then fend of this Stupid Student who has done some basic research and gotten a few right answers.

Prof Fuckwit has managed to find Wikipedia which, as I write, contains references to rape culture which has some semblance to reality and facts – even if left leaning. The Origins Section even mentions The Film and has that amazing Curiosity of a hyper link that takes you to the Wikipedia Page for the film.

It seems that as Prof Fuckwit has not learned how to surf yet or some basics about the net. He also seems to have lost the capacity to read and would like me to stop making things up!

Oh Boy! // Double Face Palm //

Well this is for the students of Prof Fuckwit, I have a treasure trove of online resources that you can use to drive him potty in the classroom. Please DO use them FREQUENTLY in essays and papers – please give only written citations – and never give him a hyperlink to the originals on-line.

Please Do Embed Hyper Links to Google For Dummies so that he may get the message and do his own homework in future.

A few Links to help out the Quality Students.

The Real Big One that will No doubt make Prof Fuckwit and many others jump and start taking notice will be:

JANUARY 10, 11, 12, 1978

Does anyone have any ideas of the evidence William Fuller, Founder of Prisoners Against Rape Inc (1973), was giving to Congress as a prisoner Of Lorton Reformatory, Virginia?

And,  more to the point,

why is it the only thing missing from the hearings record?

Just wondering!

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