Photos For Fun 4

Rap Wrap Rape - I Don't Do Typo Culture Arrest Him
American W.A.S.P. Feminist - White, Angry, Superior Proud Of It

See Oh, I’ve forgotten to tell you about Prisoners Against Rape.

Rape Culture The Film Links One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

Jaded Bullyvic Feminist Blogger Tip Of The Day No 3 Keep Calm And Manblame

Manblame is the same as Mansplane, Mansplaned, Mansplaining etc, except it is tactic  of the female of any species who is mansplaining at the male and blaming the male for not knowing that which he does in fact already know. This could be acquired knowledge or innate knowledge.


Female: Why don’t you know that?

Male: I do!

Female: No you don’t. If you did, I wouldn’t need to keep mansplaining it to you. Why don’t you know that?

Manblaming aften operates as a self fulfilling prophesy and involves pan dimensional circular logic, which requires the assistance of high-level cryptographers and 3 supper computers to comprehend.

There is no known way to stop further Manblaming once it has commenced. It is often belived to be an analogue for Man Made Global Warming, because those responsible and who could act to prevent it will not and everyone simply has to suffer yet more hot air.

When Manblaming becomes a fixated behaviour, it can tip into Ultrablaming where no matter what the male of the species is told they are responsible for any and all events, even the now extreme courtship displays of the female of the species.

Such Ultrablaming courtship displays generally cause terror and have been linked to an increase in political homosexuality.

Manblamism (noun) is words, attitudes, views and behaviours used to express and achieve manblaming, through direct and indirect means. Verbal and written manifestations a high incidence of and similarity to a “Thought Terminating Cliché”.

Examples are:

All Men Are (Insert Negative expletive)

Only Men Can Stop Rape

He/She/It/They are M.R.A. (Men’s Rights Advocates)

It is noted that in the field of gender discourse the higher the frequency of Manblamism, the closer the correlation to membership with groups, which hold extreme views and frequent locations in Cyber Space to facilitate easy and constant reprogramming in Manblamism language, attitudes and conduct.

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