“Houghton Woozle Fallacy”

A New Meme Is Born.

"Houghton Woozle Fallacy" or "Idiot's Woozle"

“As one works towards the resolution of a primary Woozle the probability of another person defending the primary Woozle by use of a secondary Woozle approaches 1, resulting in an “Idiot’s Woozle”,

The”Houghton Woozle Fallacy” is named after “Beverly Houghton” who coined the term “Woozle Effect“, November 1979, whilst presenting a paper  “”Review of research on women abuse.”” at the  annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology, Philadelphia.

Sources confirming Houghton as the person coining the term “Woozle Effect” are;

  1. Richard J. Gelles (Nov 1980). “Violence in the Family: A Review of Research in the Seventies“. Journal of Marriage and Family 42 (4): pages 873-885. Jstor: 351830
  2. Verbatim – Vol 11-13, 1984. p. 23.

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