WOW – How Come #NotMraBut gets spammed so fast?

I have wondered at the reports of so many guys concerning how they have been attacked both in person and online.

Since setting up this blog I’ve had repeated attempts to take over admin account (I do get the emails with the request for transfer – the request i have not made)

Twitter accounts have been badgered of line

Email accounts attempted hacking of.

I know it could just be a alone person with personality issues, bad breath and issues with calories and pizza, but the determined and targeted way some have behaved is so revealing.

I bet they are also pissed cos they missed out on a nice meme #ImNotMraBut

It’s a eye opener and I can see just how the cyber abuse, harassment, predation and stalking gets done – the online Psychopaths or Netopaths are very real!

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Why Is October To December The Rape Season In The USA?

In American popular culture rape as a central trope.

Encyclopedia of Rape, Edited by Merril D. Smith - 2004 - Greenwood Publishing Group

Encyclopedia of Rape, Edited by Merril D. Smith – 2004 – Greenwood Publishing Group

It’s puzzling – It’s odd – no one seems to know or care. But why is it that every autumn come rain or shine, rape and all about rape and rape culture just hits the net coming out of the USA, and all the rest of the world looks bemused as asks What the F###?

Is it something to do with schools and colleges?

Is it that suddenly every Autumn every man in North America is affected by the weather and turns into a rapist?Is it Halloween that gets people all focused on rape? maybe it’s a pagan thing being inverted around fertility.


Spring is about sowing and the fall is the harvest, but somewhere along the line it all got mixed up in men’s heads and suddenly they are expecting to sew seed in the autumn and it’s a weird pagan festival all gone awry, cos ladies and gents are out of sync on the sewing season?

I’ve been looking for any stats, but there is no reported seasonal rape spike from the FBI or any other group such as NOW (National Organization For Women) , and I’m sure of there was a Seasonal Spike NOW would be demanding action now! So if there is no real world Spike in rape come Autumn, why is the net set a twitter so easily, and who is driving this twittering over the wires?

I keep seeing so many bad school and college projects ending up on Wikipedia it’s embarrassing. Really, students need to learn how to use Google and learn to check facts before they start on school projects and writing them up as Wikipedia pages.

It’s odd too how many experts and academics from outside of the USA keep making the points, and American readers just refuse to read and consider. Like Prof Sabine Sielke who has even written about it in the Encyclopedia Of Rape: Continue reading

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Is This Disturbing, Or Am I Just A Wuss?

This is video footage taken at the University of Toronto, 16 November 2012. The protest was to block people hearing a speech by Warren Farrel, a writer and speaker on gender.

I would really like people to watch the first video and accept the psychological priming and preparation that will occur. Priming is a known psychological control technique, so if you see nice things you will look at things in a nice way, but of you see terrible things and hear terrible things you will expect bad things.

So please, watch the first video, and brace yourself – and then please do look at the second one which shows you inside that hall and what was being said.

And Inside The Hall.

Seriously Folks – Is This Disturbing, Or Am I Just A Wuss?

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How did it get that way?

Response to those asking questions.

So often when we talk about rape culture, it turns into an us-versus-them mentality, pitting women against men.

How did it get that way?

It’s called Propaganda and Politics – people factoid bombing to empower themselves and deny any other reality.

It’s why It keeps proving impossible to have rational and even structured debate because some are still in battle mode and waving the big Propaganda Flags …. which they can’t put down due to embarrassment and that Shame Thing! The cult mentalities that have been created and driven are clear to see, but as with all such mindsets they have to collapse and die of their own accord. Just Look At Happy Valley. It’s no different. I would mention religions too, but that is seen as naughty by so many.

At least during this years annual rape season (10 2012 – 12 2012) we are being spared the constant links to that bastion of accuracy(GROSS IRONY) called Wikipedia – and so many are thrashing about looking for any Justification and Academic Claims…. and can’t find them. So we have people inventing their own definitions to fit their world. Continue reading

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Why Do So Many Keep Cussing Over Rape Culture

I do wish that this constant use of bad language would stop!

Rape Culture is as nasty as four letter words because it dismisses and reduced people automatically in the eyes of others.

Why is “Rape Culture” bad language? Because you can’t say rape – you have to say Male Rape, and no amount of wishful thinking is going to shift that ingrained language any day soon …. and ignoring that issue is to act to excuse the rapists (Male Or Female) and leave victims hanging!

Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius – the expression of one thing is the exclusion of the other.

It’s why when people use the term rape and the person raped is male you have to say “Male rape” because the word rape is so misleading and excludes so many others automatically. If it didn’t it would not be necessary to keep apologizing and adding them back in after the fact. Continue reading

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