Why Do So Many Keep Cussing Over Rape Culture

I do wish that this constant use of bad language would stop!

Rape Culture is as nasty as four letter words because it dismisses and reduced people automatically in the eyes of others.

Why is “Rape Culture” bad language? Because you can’t say rape – you have to say Male Rape, and no amount of wishful thinking is going to shift that ingrained language any day soon …. and ignoring that issue is to act to excuse the rapists (Male Or Female) and leave victims hanging!

Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius – the expression of one thing is the exclusion of the other.

It’s why when people use the term rape and the person raped is male you have to say “Male rape” because the word rape is so misleading and excludes so many others automatically. If it didn’t it would not be necessary to keep apologizing and adding them back in after the fact.

Interpretatio Cessat in Claris – Interpretation stops when a text is clear.

“Rape Culture” is bad language and a bad concept due to the text not being clear, and tacking a few guys on the end of massive justification of bad language is not good or manly – it’s even routinely insulting to survivors who are automatically excluded by that word rape – and have to be added in explicitly.

“Manslaughter Culture” fits with “Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius” and there are just too many grey areas for people to paddle in and cause clarity to be lost.

“Ignore Men And Let Them Die Culture” – well that does meet the standard of “Interpretatio Cessat in Claris”, and the potential for grey areas and artful covering up of issues with dismissive emotive and highly triggering language is reduced.

Anyone who is remotely serious about Equality – wished to address it, discuss it even promote it does not and will not use the term rape culture because it is Anti Equality and denies those not automatically caught under the word rape! It’s why professionals use terms such as Sexual Assault as it stops the negation of people through bad language!

People can say “I Believe Rape Culture Exists” – Yippey for them, but sorry to say It’s tiring and even exhausting to have to point out over and over to supposed intelligent people why it’s Bad Language and plain rude.

Why is it necessary to have to say Transgender rape, Child rape, Prisoner Rape – using rape culture is itself empowering rape culture and so it’s bad language and bad thinking, and that is why only “certain” people keep using it. Why do some insist on Using and enforcing Bad Language which is actually worse than just cussing people out!

If rape Culture was such a wonderful universal term and idea it would not be necessary to specify the nature of a rape victim by sexuality, gender, male sex and even legal status.

In the USA you only see that with race – African American – Hispanic American – Asian American – Where is that old WASP American, or is it that bias around race just gets played out and not noticed due to Privilege and Presumed Power over language?

They just cant think straight and love the power that comes from Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius – the expression of one thing is the exclusion of the other.

Time for new language in the conversation and clarity of meaning. Maybe next year? But I doubt it so very much.

Some just can’t accept they could ever be identified as using such bad language in public, and they play games with femininity and perceptions of that to cover up their levels of Cussin and just how negative their lanaguage and views are!


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