Zack Rosenberg tells His 4 year old son that he is a rapist. Why? Because he loves Ruby Slippers and can’t get enough of them!

AnimalFarm 1stEdI have been horrified by the actions of Zack Rosenberg, writing for the Good Men Project(sic), telling his 4 year old son that he is a rapist.

To many, that Rosenberg’s behaviour is just lunacy and dangerous, but people just can’t grasp how Rosenberg could have ended up thinking it was fine and dandy. Believe me he does think it’s find and dandy. In his mind set, he has done no wrong. People just wonder how someone can end up thinking like Rosenberg? In reality it is far, far easier than people realize.

The issue of thought control, getting people to think and act as you want, has been about for decades. Propaganda is used to influence people’s thinking and behaviour. In 1945 George Orwell grasped it when he wrote “Animal Farm” – “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad”, it sums up the idea of how a simple message can be spread and encapsulate a bigger idea. It also warns that the message used can be corrupted.

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism 1961In 1961 the book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism was published and showed many aspects of how people could be placed under Undue Influence and not even be aware of it. There was moral and social panic with Communism and Brain Washing – the Manchurian candidate – and I can even remember the pilot film for Hawaii Five O (1968) where Garret is suspended in a supposed Sensory Deprivation Tank by his arch enemy The Red Chinese agent Wo Fat. Garret even supposedly starts to think he is a fish. Of Course, Garret shows he has a steel will and mind of Super Man nature. It’s all part of that narrative of mind control that it’s big, expensive and people have to be forced to do things …. and it’s all totally wrong.

Mind Control and using Undue Influence is easy, because people choose it every day. People are amazed when I say that. They are convinced they have minds of steel and even like granite – no-one and nothing could make them a puppet. And then they get seduced,  are made to dance to other people’s tunes,  and they don’t even know it.

So many believe that what they see and hear is fixed, so I would like to stop for a moment and show everyone just how your brain is not good at dealing with the reality you experience: just how easy it is to get it so very wrong. Welcome to the McGurk Effect!

Just watch this BBC Video to see just how bad humans are are seeing, hearing and believing. The three are not joined up as people think.

BBc Video Horizon the McGurk Effect

BBC Video Horizon the McGurk Effect

So, having seen that little example of the McGurk Effect, are you still convinced that the world is solid and is not open to being manipulated around you?

Having seen how easy it is for you to get it wrong, can you now see how easy it is for Rosenberg to think and even believe that calling his son rapist is normal? Do you really think that Rosenberg is in charge of his own mind?

If you really can’t believe what you have just seen and heard, watch it again because in reality many people need to see that example over an over before they can grasp that it’s not a magic trick, but really how people’s brains work.

It’s easy to check if someone is subject to Undue Influence and if they have agreed to have their mind controlled by others and their agendas – you look for two things: Cognitive Dissonance and The Backfire Effect. Since rape is the hot potato I’ll use it to illustrate.

There is view being propagated and maintained that rape is a major criminal issue in the USA and growing. Since 1980 the incidence has been cut by 80% – does the person still believe that rape is a growing issue in the USA? It’s amazing, but when presented with the facts that go against the propaganda, people prefer the propaganda. When and where were these people made to have such ideas by being strapped to tables, pumped full of drugs subjected to flashing lights and forced to think in ways that are unreal? That is Cognitive Dissonance.

Then comes The Backfire Effect, when people have ended up accepting false reality, supporting it and even enforcing it, when it’s challenged they actually attempt to keep the false reality. They do everything possible to make it real. It can even end up as violence. People will grasp at anything to justify the beliefs – the rape statistics have been wrong – so many don’t report due to shame – that means even more people are out there suffering shame and alone and they need help …. and through The Backfire Effect the person has just re-invented reality to justify the belief and make it stronger. The same facts exists, they have just invented a bigger false reality to make the facts smaller.

Steve Hassan knows about undue influence, mind control and cults – he became a Mooney. He recovered and has been writing and teaching on Cults and Mind Control ever since. He acts as expert witness, counsellor and public speaker. He has distilled the whole issue into four words Behaviour, Information, Thinking and Emotions – B.I.T.E. And he shows how people love to be bitten. That’s right people are not indoctrinated against their will they do it voluntarily under the right conditions.

I’ll illustrate a 1 hour indoctrination into the Cult of Rape and It’s Real World, it’s been done in a town or city near you and it even uses all the wrong information about rape, but people B.I.T.E. and swallow it whole.


I came across the 1 hour indoctrination whilst doing some charity research about access to clean water and poverty in developing countries – it was an old, very long-standing campaign that started back in 1992 as part of World Water Day has been observed on 22 March .

The slogan for that campaign was “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes”. It showed how so many women and children walked miles each day just to get access to drinkable water. IN particular, the World Water day on 22 March 1995 focused upon Women and Water.

It also had the humbling Irony that most had no shoes. It was quite something to see people in the first world walking with two buckets of water and bare foot to show the reality of other people and to get wider understanding and support. In the Northern Hemisphere 22 March is not renowned for good weather, so cold, wet even snow covered feet helped to make the message that little more relevant. An hour bare foot and cold is not the same as a life time of searching for clean safe water barefoot and walking miles every day.

Then I discovered a US based campaign around Red Stilettos and the same slogan with Guys walking in high heal shoes to sop sexual violence against women.

Apparently a Mr Frank Baird created Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® in 2001. How odd that a campaign to deal with access to water in the third world got changed to be about sexual violence in the USA.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

So here is The B.I.T.E.

Behaviour – People agree to behave a certain way to show group allegiance, No flashing lights or serums needed. Just a pair of high heel shoes and peer pressure to wear them, appear in public, be humorous and laugh along even as others ridicule you. No one has made you put on the Red High heels, it was all your own choice. You have agreed to behavioural control. Doing pleasant things is easy for us, but anything which causes physical discomfort or pain, which places us under peer pressure or which requires us to suspend out own beliefs for a period, that sort of activity is hard and it requires conscious choice. Putting on a pair of shoes causes physical discomfort and pain, opens you up to both negative and positive peer pressure and can require you to go against your own beliefs … and that is easy to do if there is a large enough group putting social pressure upon you to “Man Up”, do the right thing, slip on those ruby coloured slippers and get your heels clicking.

Information – Now that you have agreed to behavioural control, you have to justify it so you accept information that you are given. The information can be accurate or false, but that does not matter as you have already agreed to change your behaviour and so you will agree to accept information too, especially where that information explains your behaviour. 1 in 4 college women will be raped (False), but you agree to this figure. In fact, you agree to everything and anything. It gets better when the information being pushed at you also has nothing that is likely to have you thinking freely or critically – such as only a very small number of males or females are rapists, they are serial rapists and account for 95% of all rapes. That little set of facts may get you thinking and reversing your decision to go with the flow. The big world reality ios avoived only one reality is presented and you take it because it explains why you are there in red heels and the crowd is cheering and telling you what a Good Guy you are.

Thinking – Once you have agree to have your behaviour controlled and uncritically accept information you start to reorganise your thinking to support your new world view. People even develop a Pavlovian Response to the word rape: they hear it and it literally causes information already received to be recycled and re used. You will see people regurgitating false facts, factoids memes, urban myths and even woozles (False Evidence from Incorrect Citation of Sources). They go into battle mode to uphold the reality they have agreed to step into. New incidents and information has to be filtered so anything supporting the world view is accepted and used to strengthen and anything which is seen to undermine the foundations is negative and to be treated as such, even uncritically. There you are in your red heals and wondering about the pain? No way you are thinking about how supporting this anti-rape ideal and all the information just makes you a good guy, and if a pair of red heels makes you such a Good Guy and even a good bet for women to follow, just think how powerful this new information will be in your workplace, your family in your social life. Just as soon as you can get out of the heels and put of your red cape the world will be an amazing place.

Emotions – Once you have agree to a new world view all your emotions are filtered through it. You get happy when you are doing the right thing and fighting the invisible rape monster. Every time you see any evidence of the rape monster being defeated you have Long arm Syndrome and you find it so easy to pat yourself on the back. When there is negative news you suddenly have short arm syndrome – there is no need to pat yourself on the back, just slap yourself in the face for being such a failure. When you are with people who share your world view you feel supported, validated, cared for and even happy. And when that same group are dealing with any hint of or appearance of the massive invisible rape monster you are also feel supported, validated, cared for and even happy. Negative emotions and feelings are only there for the people who don’t agree with you – and with them it’s hate, anger aggression.

So there you were at the start line with no real views on rape or even wondering about Rape Hysteria and a mile later you are a convert to the cult of rape and all it took was a pair of Ruby Slippers and people telling you that wearing them would help prevent rape.

But here is the real Sucker Punch. Ruby Slippers don’t cause rape.

What a person is wearing is not a cause of rape and the very groups that have convinced you to wear Ruby Slippers, Man Up, Behave the way they want – Those groups preach that rape is not about what people wear.

They even tell men that they can’t have an opinion or view on rape until they have “Walked the Walk”. Only then are you allowed to “Talk the Talk”. It’s Shut up and allow us to B.I.T.E, and only then do you have a voice.

Think the way they require and look foolish for them in red heels and love them so much – that group states that clothing does not cause rape – and after you have walked about in public in ruby slippers – only then do you have the supposed right to say they are wrong, have a wrong message and are causing real damage by abusing rape and making it into a cult object..

So if Clothing does not cause rape why are they getting you to walk about in a pair of Stilletos?

You thought your mind was solid and tough – that you could never end up subject to mind control – that men are rough, tough and rugged! And all it took was 1 hour, I mile, 1 pair of Ruby Slippers and a group that want’s to program you even if they are using the wrong message.

B.I.T.E. Is seductive and that has been known for Decades. Undue Influence and Thought Control doesn’t need tanks of water and maniacal professors with weird sounds playing, flashing lights and mystery drugs. A Pair of Red Stilettos is enough and you are now in Oz on the yellow brick road, dancing and singing as you search for the Great Wizard in the far off City .. and all to stop rape with falling figures and magical growing proprieties where less is more and the B.I.T.E. Don’t hurt.

Rosenberg doesn’t even know that he’s been bitten and he’s just doing the same to his son – no Ruby Slippers needed.

Why did the Good Rape Project publish it? “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad!” – or in the more modern and feminists language “Two Tubes Good, One Tube Bad!”.

You couldn’t make it up.


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